Zodiac Signs have the tendency of falling in and out of love. However, every person is different in their own way. While some are smitten by the idea of flings and short romances, there are those who love full time commitment.

Some move on faster than you think, while others just can’t get over their break ups. That being said, lots of people, sometimes, fall head over heels for somebody and go an extraordinary mile to achieve their love. But as it’s not ever clear who these people tend to be. Here are all the zodiac signs, who are most likely to fall the hardest in love.


When it comes to commitment, Taureans are extremely skeptical about it. Only when they are assured and confident about someone, will they indulge in any romantic escapade. However, when they do fall in love, they fall the hardest. They are unable to get over their lovers and get extremely comfortable – which makes it impossible for them to get over them at any point of their lives.


Cancerians are hyper-sensitive and emotional beings who once in love, find it hardest to fall out of it. Although they won’t be very vocal about it, but their actions and behavior in front of their love-interest is somewhat peculiar and quite obvious.


Virgos are totally opposites of how they appear on the outside. Although, they may give out the impression of stern calm and flawlessness, when it comes to love, they have the tendency to fall the hardest. While they are very calculative, if they fall for someone, it sure won’t be a fling.


Librans love to cherish the important things in their life. Be it their family, friends or lovers. Therefore, when they give away their heart, they do it generously. While they love security and stability in their love-life, they cannot help but go over the board for the person they love. In matters of love, there is nothing that excites them more than to keep their partners happy and ensure a healthy, balanced relationship.


Scorpions are passionate souls, who seem a little alienated at times, but honestly there is nothing in this world that pleases them more than to be with the person they love. They are ardent lovers and romantics who fall the hardest in love. Although, it takes some time for a scorpion to trust anybody, if they start developing feelings for someone, there is nothing that can stop them from doing just that.


Pisceans are hopeless romantics who just can’t help but think of love as something similar to magic. Probably that’s what makes them fall deeply in love. They have high demands from their relationship and tend to expect a lot from their partners, which makes to too idealistic and devoid of other intricacies of love.

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