Wynonna Earp is set to finally come to an end on Syfy after four seasons. Almost 50 episodes have been squeezed out by the cult-favorite series full of powerful female characters. Despite continuously finding itself on the chopping block, with problems ranging from development issues to the pandemic of COVID-19. The show will seem to be able to go out shortly on its own, trailblazing terms.

Season 4 updates from The Wrap will mark the end of the line for the show. Wynonna Earp will return to wrap up its run on March 5. After going on a hiatus during the fourth season of the show, which aired its most recent episode on August 30th. The show’s six episodes are left to air, with the series final set to air on April 9th.

Wynonna Earp
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The show may be best known for its viewers -‘ Earpers’. For those who have not watched Wynonna Earp than for the substance of the series itself. At one point, fans banded together and leased a billboard in Times Square to help save the show when the show was on the verge of cancellation. With an appreciation billboard from star Melanie Scrofano, who plays the titular character, those efforts were rewarded.

With the end in sight, how can the show come to a close is the question. After season 3, there were plenty of questions, not all of which have been answered yet. Wynonna and Rosita were fighting each other when the show last aired, before teaming up to battle demonic nuns. Just six episodes of Wynonna Earp remain, and ‘Earpers’ will be passionately watching them.

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