The new Bihar government is having a rocky start with the resignation of a minister belonging to JD(U) within three days of swearing in.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar has lost face with Mewa Lal Choudhary’s resignation as education minister. During the time BJP and JD(U) were on opposite sides, BJP leaders like Sushil Modi had gone to town with corruption allegations against Choudhary.

With BJP demanding Choudhary’s ouster, and RJD raising.

The pitch against the government, Nitish had no option but to sacrifice his party colleague.

Earlier, the cold vibes between Nitish and his new deputy CMs, had been a talking point during the swearing in ceremony. Having got a taste of the newly assertive BJP, Nitish faces a tricky road ahead. The two partners working at cross purposes will send a wrong signal to voters and energise the opposition.

Though the Westminster system in principle treats the chief minister.

As “first among equals”, in practice the CM enjoys far greater clout in government than other ministers. But BJP as senior partner will want a greater say in government, which militates against the CM’s preeminent position. Working around these contradictions is a tough ask: recall how the JD(S)-Congress Karnataka government.

Led by HD Kumaraswamy in a similar political arrangement came crashing down in little over a year. Can JD(U) and BJP surprise the naysayers, or are these initial jitters a sign of greater turbulence coming.