DCEU: Many famous characters from DC mythology have been included in the DCEU. But some of the most popular characters of the series, the sidekicks, are usually absent.

Characters such as Robin, Batgirl, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Supergirl are the main components of the world of comics. And have appeared in various films and shows. But as yet they have not been made a notable part of the DCEU. This is a big absence, but there are some pretty good explanations for that.

In fairness, sidekicks, even before the DCEU started, were not exactly popular in modern DC films. Batman & Robin of 1997 is one of the most critically panned superhero movies of all time. And for potential live-action sidekicks to debut, it might have polluted the waters a little. Except for a brief Robin Easter egg at the end of the movie. The Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy refrained from featuring any of Bruce Wayne’s many teammates.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the characters couldn’t have been well integrated into the DCEU. The expansive, interconnected nature of the franchise makes it ripe for minor characters and ensemble casts. So why didn’t any of the classic DC sidekicks appear?

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A big part of it is Zack Snyder. The grim, gritty sound of Snyder, which enshrouded the early DCEU entries. They may have made child superheroes feel a little out of place in bright costumes. It also does not help that Snyder’s stories, easily the most famous of all the DC sidekicks. They were set after the death of Robin. It would have been difficult to add less-known sidekicks to less popular heroes. Without the well-established dynamic of Batman and Robin.

Another explanation for the absence of supporting heroes from the DCEU is that the TV assets of the franchise have made much greater use of the characters. In the leading roles, shows such as Supergirl and Titans have cast sidekicks. And the feedback from fans has mostly been positive. TV has proved to be a popular outlet for sidekick stories from the DC universe. And since they’ve already achieved such success elsewhere. There is not much justification to push those same characters into the DCEU.

Still, it doesn’t mean that its fair share of mysterious characters has not been introduced by the DCEU. Black Adam will bring members of the Justice Society of America. And there are also reports of a Tim Burton Batman Beyond film with Michael Keaton. The Suicide Squad will add a variety of new characters and antiheroes to the already amazing cast of the series. The DCEU will continue to concentrate on core heroes and its growing ensemble as long as DC’s sidekicks succeed elsewhere.

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