Monday is the most hated day of the week. Moreover, just ask any human who is employed, What are his thoughts about Monday? I bet you’ll hear him/her saying, “I hate Monday”. But why don’t people like or enjoy Monday. What is so bad about this day. This is what I’ll be writing in this blog.

Reasons people despise Monday:

Picture depicting hatred for this day of the week.

Following are the reason behind why don’t people enjoy Monday:

Your view about it : Well a number of people are either unsatisfied or dislike their job. According to psychologists, people who are bored or are not very fond of what they do, tend to feel lethargic while they wake up on this particular day. Sometimes, it is also because of lack of appreciation.

Social Media: We all love social media. Besides, while scrolling posts, you will find one such post in which there must be written something bad about this day. So, this sort make up your mind. Moreover, you will find yourself loathing and comparing Sunday with this day.

Routine: Sometimes this is due to your busy routine. Since you do not get enough time for yourself every day. Henceforth, Sunday becomes that one day, when you sort of take out time for things you love. Moreover, you end up enjoying it much that you don’t want it to end. Thus, you tend to not like the the first day of the week.

Work environment: The people with whom you are working aren’t that good to you. Maybe their behaviour is not that likable, or they might be creating negative energy around you. Therefore you lack that enthusiasm you need.

How to develop a liking for this day :

Have a nice sleep: Relax as much you can to rejuvenate yourself. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine on Sundays, as it can disturb your sleep and you won’t have a feeling to start the week in the morning.

Do something special in the morning: Plan to do something in the morning that can help you to start the day with more energy. You can do a lot of things like yoga, painting, jogging, meditation, skincare etc. Try to wake up early, so that you won’t miss a nice cup of coffee. Spend few minutes extra with your bed.

Plan something fun for this day after work: To enhance your motivation, plan to go out on a date, for dinner, or your favorite place after work. Do not plan to have fun on just holidays, instead plan something on working days as well.

Clean your apartment: Clean your house, arrange your clothes, wash some clothes as seeing a clean house can release your stress as well as will motivate you to start the week.

Make it more exciting: First day of the week can be exciting if you change your point of view about it as well as engage in some activities. So, you can create a to-do list of new things you want to do in this week. You can include any activity like going for a walk in the evening, learning a new language, reading your favorite book etc.

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