WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app used all over the world. Hackers are always finding the way to get control of this messaging app. Further to the personal data. The WhatsApp OTP Scam is the next.

This hackers has found the new way to enter into the phones of people. The way is through OTP. Yes they are trying to enter into the phones through OTP.

WhatsApp OTP scam

How do they do it ?

When you install WhatsApp in your phone you put your mobile number. On this number you get OTP (One time password) from WhatApp to confirm the user. Remember that you will never get an otp unless you have requested.

Hackers are using this OTP feature to scam the people. They are sending message and pretend to be friends and family and reach to you through another messaging platform. It can be through facebook or SMS. They will tell you they have logged out from their account and they need help to get into it.

Hackers then go on to say that since they are locked out of their accounts, they are unable to receive OTP on their numbers. So, you shall be receiving an OTP on their behalf that you should share with them.

Following this, you will get an OTP on your number and the hacker will ask you to share it with them. 

The very moment you do that, you will get logged out of your WhatsApp and you will see a message on the app that says that you have been logged out of this device and that your number is being used on another device for WhatsApp.

What basically has happened is that the hacker put in your number on WhatsApp on another device and that’s why received the OTP. If you fell for it and shared the OTP with this individual pretending to be an acquaintance – you just gave away your WhatsApp account. 

How to avoid the WhatsApp OTP Scam

The hackers can now use your WhatsApp account for illegal activities.

Remember that WhatsApp never sends an OPT unless prompted by you. So if you receive an OTP without having done anything – ignore it and do not share it with anyone. Not even closest friends and family, particularly if they are asking for it via text. 

If you receive such a text from a friend or family member call them and check if they indeed need your help on this. 

You should Aldo activate two-factor authentication on WhatsApp to be extra safe.

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