Libido or desire for a sexual activity can be boost, if one choose to include certain foods into their diet. Besides, one can always choose pharmaceutical drugs and can opt natural ways as well. Natural ways are kind of safe as they will not result into side-effects. However, it is one’s personal choice to decide whether to take supplements or foods. This article will consist of those foods which can be beneficial in boosting one’s libido.


Everything you need to know about fenugreek | 24 Mantra

It’s seeds are used for treatment of many ailments from hair to skin, since centuries. Besides, it is effective in boosting libido. A research on men suggests that having 600 mg of fenugreek extract was beneficial in increasing sexual desire. Also, the same research on women was effective as well. Fenugreek can interact with blood-thinning medication and can result in upset stomach. The fact that it has a effect on sex hormones can become a hinderance in treatment of hormone-sensitive cancers.

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Pistachio nuts:

Are the Fats in Pistachio Nuts Bad for You?
Pistachio nuts

This nuts are quite nutritious and are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats. Besides, the nuts can provide several health benefits including improvement of lower blood pressure and can prevent heart diseases as well. It is also beneficial for people suffering from erectile dysfunction.



This is one of the expensive spices and is used to treat depression, can reduce stress and can boost mood as well. Besides, it is well known for it’s aphrodisiac properties. A research on women suggests that it was able to boost libido. Also, another research on men suggests that it can treat erectile dysfunction.



This is a sweet root vegetable and offers several health benefits. A study on animals suggests that maca was effective in boosting libido in rodents. And, was beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction in rodents as well. Besides, one needs to conduct more research to confirm it’s effect on human.

Ginkgo Biloba:

Ginkgo Biloba: 14 Impressive Health Benefits, Dosage, And Side effects
Ginkgo Biloba

This act as aphrodisiac and was able to treat poor sexual function. Besides, it can treat depression as well. An old study suggests that consuming 60-240 mg of it’s supplement was able to increase the sexual desire. However, another study suggests that it was not that effective. So, Maca root has shown mixed results.

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