WandaVision has already begun setting up the groundwork for a big shake-up in the MCU. And Mephisto, the extra-dimensional demon who acts as Marvel’s own Devil, maybe the power behind it all. The show features Wanda Maximoff, stuck in an off-kilter world taken from old sitcoms. With her lost love, Vision, living a happy life. Obviously, with Wanda’s new life, something is not right. But it is still unclear how Wanda came to be in this universe, who created it, and who governs it.

The currently-released series have already dropped a few references to the forces in the world of Scarlet Witch. And one of them may be Mephisto. In the next few years, with many shows and movies out. Marvel needs a big villain to bridge the gap after the defeat of Thanos. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Kang the Conqueror, another power player, is set up by Quantumania. To likely be the running Phase 5 protagonist, but a strong antagonist is absent from Phase 4 so far.

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WandaVision might seem like an odd choice to kick off Phase 4 and the new TV arm of the MCU. But it would be the perfect vehicle to introduce Mephisto. Who during a well-known run that shares some eerie parallels to the world of WandaVision is deeply connected to the tale of Scarlet Witch in the comics. Although the show does not specifically adapt the comics. Mephisto may very easily lead to the road Wanda is traveling along.

If Mephisto comes to the MCU now, he’ll introduce some big changes. To Marvel’s upcoming shows and movies that will ripple out. He’s a force to be dealt with, and despite his immense ability as a villain. There’s no way a single show will neatly pack him away. In Loki, Mephisto’s introduction has already been teased, but in WandaVision it may come sooner than expected.

Mephisto In Marvel Comics Explained


Mephisto is a powerful demon in the comics who tempts and manipulates heroes and villains alike. He designs his appearance and way of emulating Satan to manipulate Earth’s belief in the all-powerful fallen angel, although he is not actually the Devil. He rules a dominion called Hell or Hades. And again and again, he has shown up to strike bargains made to backfire on the unwitting team. Illusions of the mission, manipulate memories and change time. He takes a specific interest in the most powerful creatures, and in the MCU, Scarlet Witch ranks among them.

When she tried to have a family in the comics, his deceptions took the life of Scarlet Witch to pieces, sending Wanda into insanity. To have children with Vision, Wanda used her magic, but she mistakenly used pieces of Mephisto’s soul to do it. She gave birth to twins, Tommy and Billy, but she had short-lived happiness. The children that had been part of him all along were reabsorbed by Mephisto. And the loss of her children was too much for her to bear. To alleviate her pain, the kids had to be erased from her memory. It seems possible that with the news that Wanda is pregnant in WandaVision. This tale from the comics will come into play.

WandaVision & Loki’s Mephisto Hints

A hint which could lead to Mephisto has been dropped by WandaVision. Neighborhood queen bee Dottie chastised another participant for her incompetence when Wanda attended the fundraiser meeting by saying, “The devil’s in the details.” Wanda’s neighbor Agnes doubled down on the reference by adding, “That’s not the only place he is.” The line is played off as a joke, but one that doesn’t match the other humorous moments’ tone.

In the introduction of Marvel’s Devil, it’s not the MCU’s first tease either. One scene portrays a church-like setting in the Loki trailer with a stained glass window depicting a deified red horned demon. The imagery of the devil and Hell is a big nod to the position of Mephisto in Marvel, suggesting he may play a major role in the upcoming adventures of Loki. In Phase 4, WandaVision could set Mephisto up to continue his manipulations through multiple stories.

Theory: Dottie Is Mephisto In WandaVision


If Mephisto were already in this world to exploit Wanda, he would hide in plain sight to do so. The probable candidate for Mephisto is the neighborhood’s most influential figure, Dottie. With an iron hand, she reigns over the Westview domain, giving her more chances to exploit Wanda. Dottie even heard Wanda’s radio message that burst into the world of sitcoms, and it affected her so badly that she broke a glass in her side. She recovered well, but it seemed as if Dottie knew more than she should about Wanda’s situation.

In Kathryn Hahn’s character Agnes, the nosy neighbor who constantly involves herself in Wanda’s life, another hint to Mephisto’s real identity could lay. Her name, her signature accessory, and trailer hints suggest that she may be Agatha Harkness, a powerful enchantress who with Mephisto plays a role in Wanda’s comic history. Agatha was the one who told Wanda about the relation of her children to Mephisto and wiped out her memory after the disappearance of her children, and later killed Agatha for deceiving her.

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