WandaVision: Some big MCU Easter eggs and Marvel references are featured in WandaVision episode 3. For Vision and Scarlet Witch, they hint at a bleak future.

In WandaVision episode 3, here’s every MCU Easter egg. WandaVision from Marvel has introduced viewers to the town of Westview. Whose inhabitants seem to be living in a world of sitcoms. There are so many unanswered questions; is Scarlet Witch the one in charge of this truth, or is she also stuck in it? How self-aware are the other Westview residents? And what exactly is the role of SWORD?

Episodes 1 and 2 of WandaVision were linked to the premise, but episode 3 is more plot-driven. That means Easter eggs, signposting past trauma. Or setting up the rest of the season, are a little more transparent than in previous episodes. But let’s look at them now.

Scarlet Witch’s Speed Pregnancy From The Comics


The rapid pregnancy of Scarlet Witch and the birth of the twins was taken directly from the comics. There, the creation of the twins was just as unnatural; after all, Vision is an android, so he does not replicate theoretically. Instead, the reality-warping powers of Scarlet Witch created the children out of her own imagination. And she actually inadvertently used pieces of the demonic being called Mephisto to create their souls. One of the traumatic events that led to Scarlet Witch having a breakdown. The twins disappeared when Wanda stopped believing in them. And yes – since these are comic books, pregnancy really took place at super-speed. With Wanda giving birth after just a matter of hours.

Billy & Tommy Are Wiccan & Speed

Twins runs in Wanda’s family, so it makes sense she’d have not one child but two; in WandaVision episode 3, this also serves as a humorous way of ending an argument. Between the proud parents over which name to use. Readers of comic books would be aware that their souls were reincarnated while those twins died sadly. And that Wanda was reconciled with her children years later. Wiccan and Speed are prominent members of the Young Avengers, and also on Disney+. Particularly Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, a number of their teammates are set to be added. There have been reports that Hulkling, the shapeshifting alien who will become Wiccan’s friend. And eventually, her husband will be introduced by WandaVision.

Vision’s Ominous Shakespeare Quote


With reality at Westview, Vision gradually senses something is wrong. While Wanda seems to be doing her best to restrict his perception. Nevertheless, it manifests in William Shakespeare’s telling quote: “All the world’s a stage. All the men and women merely players”. It’s fascinating that Vision chooses this line, implying that he senses that the people in Westview. They are simply performing the roles. However, the full quote can mark his eventual destiny; it continues, “They have their exits and their entrances”.

Simser Paint Is An Amusing Reference

In WandaVision episode 3, one of the funniest Easter eggs is visible on the paint-cans. Used when decorating the nursery, branded “Simser”. This time it is not a reference to the comics or even to the shared cinematic universe. But rather to the storyboard artist Jeremy Simser of the show. This time it is not a reference to the comics or even to the shared cinematic universe. Simser will also be working on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Chaos. According to his personal blog, so he’s obviously sticking with Marvel.

Hydra Soak Advert Hints At An MCU Retcon

So far, every WandaVision episode contains an ad, and they seem to be related to Wanda’s trauma experiences. Episode 1 was marked by a Stark Industries bomb that almost killed her as a child. While Episode 2 related to the experiments of Baron Von Strucker on Wanda and her fellow Sokovians. “Episode 3 of WandaVision continues this trend with an ad for “Hydra Soak” that can “reach the goddess inside”. SHIELD viewers’ agents will laugh, as Coulson himself referred to the “mind control soap” of Hydra in season 4. Still, the ad possibly applies to the transformation of Wanda into the Scarlet Witch of the Mind Stone itself.

But note that it supports a retcon, one that was first seeded in the Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary. That could turn Wanda into a mutant or a sorceress in the MCU. The book notes, “She might be called Scarlet Witch, but the powers of Wanda are not derived from the supernatural. Whether it altered her or merely activated something latent within Wanda. The Infinity Stone on the scepter of Loki gave the mind incredible powers”. It is possible that the Mind Stone did not give Wanda powers. But rather unlocked something latent within her – discovering the goddess inside her.

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