The crackdown against gangster’s Atiq Ahmad crackdown caused Rs 400 crore loss to gangsters in Prayagraj

 alias Bachcha Pasi and Ram Lochan Yadav by Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA). The district administration since August has resulted in loss of over Rs 400 crore for them.

The joint team had first targeted mafia don turned politician Atiq Ahmad. Dented his economic empire and hit his armoury through suspension or cancellation of arms licences.

PDA officer on special duty Alok Pandey told TOI on Monday, “The crackdown against the properties accumulated through illegal means by gangsters and history-sheeters, including Atiq Ahmad, is continuing.”

“The joint team demolished around two dozen properties owned or constructed illegally by gangsters or their henchmen in the district in the past two months. The police and PDA also attached over a dozen properties of gangsters’ worth crores in the district, added.

The action against land mafias, hardened criminals and gangsters will go on against all the men on radar to check organized crime, said a senior cop.

Apart from demolishing the lodge-cum-complex of gangster Dilip Mishra. The police also attached his many properties in the transYamuna area.

After investigating the wealth of gangsters in Chakia, Jhunsi, Dhoomanganj, Kareli, Khuldabad

The Crossing road and other areas. The policemen have also prepared a fresh list of over 40 other criminals. Those have also accumulated wealth through illegal means.

Atiq ahmad Crackdown

“The joint team has chalked out a plan to attach properties and demolish illegal structures. Now initiating their confiscation under Gangsters Act, said a senior cop.

Many illegal constructions by Atiq’s henchmen in Mehdauri, Beli Gaon and Bajupur have already been razed.

On Monday, a joint team razed the house and guest house of history-sheeter Ram Lochan Yadav in Dhoomanganj. Both were constructed without approval of maps.

“Gangsters have constructed illegal houses. Guest houses in the city’s west locality and some had occupied government or nazul land in other parts of the district. We are taking concrete steps of seizure, demolition and attachment of such properties,” said a PDA official.