Twitter suspends over 500 accounts due to farmers violence on Republic day.

The platform has also labelled tweets which were found to be in violation of its synthetic and manipulated media policy.

Farmers broke all barricades and enter Delhi during their Kisan Tractor rally.

Twitter on Wednesday suspended over 550 accounts in the national capital on 72nd Republic day.

We have taken strong enforcement action to protect the conversation on the service.

Using a combination of technology and human review , Twitter worked at scale and took action on hundred of accounts.

It took all the tweets which are violating the twitter rules.

The microblogging platform said that they applied labels to tweets which were violating synthetic and manipulated media policy.

They said that they are monitoring the situation closely and remain vigilant.

They strongly encourage those on service to report anything , they believe that are violating the rules.

Farmers broke all barricades and enter Delhi and resorted to vandalism across several parts of Delhi.

These Protest was against the Centre’s three new farm law.

Several public and private property were damaged in this vandalism done by mob.

A total of 22 FIR’s were filled regarding the violence done by farmers.

In this violence , over 300 Police personnel were injured.

Delhi Police has detained 200 people in connection with the violence.

Farmers are protesting on different borders of the national capital since November 26.

Three newly elected farm laws –

(1.) Farmer’s Produce Trade and commerce act,2020.

(2.) The Farmers agreement on Price Assurance and farm service act 2020.

(3.) The Essential commodities act 2020.

After the law was announced , many political parties came forward with farmers.

Due to this some say that they are behind all these protest.

They are the one who are inflaming the farmers and making this protest more dangerous.