BTS is the world-famous boy band from South Korea. Well Everyone in the entire world knows that by now, Ofcourse if not living under a rock! BTS is everywhere from the US to India. With massive social media following and amazing skills. These are the top five things you didn’t know about BTS.


1. They are Multi talented

More than just a group of pretty faces with awesome singing and dancing. The BTS boys are stacked from top to bottom with variety of unique skillset for example, prior to their debut in 2013 RM and suga were busy performing under ground rappers. When Jin and Jimin were in school studying film and modern dance. J hope was the member of the street dance team Neuron.

2. BTS was the first K-pop Act to get its own twitter emoji

Due to their massive social media following. And the fact that they won the golden tweet award. A yearly award is presented to the person or persons for the most re-twitted post of the year in south-Korea. An emoji was created for BTS. The emoji featured an image of a black bullet proof vest with their name written across chest.


3. They Made K-pop History

When BTS released their album wings in 2016, they had no idea they were about to make K-pop history. The album debut at number 26 on the billboard 200. charts. Making it the highest charting K-pop album of all time. The album was also the best selling album of all time. However, the most surprising thing was it was produced by Big hit entertainment. A comparatively small korean agency.

4. They produce socially conscious K-pop

BTS memebers write their own songs and they always focus on the social causes. Such as suicide, women’s right and mental health, The fans adore them for one of these reasons. They never shy away from sharing their view through their songs.

5. They are world wide popular

I know this being the understatement of the year but have to add this. BTS climbed so high that no other boy band from south Korea had done it in the past. They have amazing fans, ARMY,’ as they say, pouring out love and support from all the corners of the world.

BTS keeps breaking records and loving their fans. Lets hope we see the another milestone real soon.

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