The Tomorrow War movie’s first teaser trailer is finally out! The Tomorrow War is an original sci-fi tale starring Chris Pratt as a high school teacher; who is recruited by soldiers from the future to fight in an increasingly desperate war. It is under the direction of Chris McKay of The Lego Batman Movie. As extraterrestrial threats approach, Pratt’s Dan Forester must band together with a brilliant scientist; (Yvonne Strahovski) and his estranged father; (J.K. Simmons) to save the earth from extinction.

The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War was supposed to be released in theatres during the holidays last year. The coronavirus pandemic has forced the postponement of several big 2020 films, including this new action film. The Tomorrow War was rescheduled for July this year. But because theatrical releases are still risky, Paramount decided to sell the film to Amazon. On July 2, The Tomorrow War will be available on Amazon Prime in over 240 countries and territories; providing a refreshingly different summer movie experience.

Amazon posted a batch of official photos yesterday, which were the first signs of promotion. Now, the teaser trailer for The Tomorrow War is finally out, courtesy of Amazon. Fans will get a first look at Pratt’s next sci-fi adventure, which promises to be unlike anything he’s done before. It’s just a brief preview, but it teases the upcoming big war.

Take a look at the teaser below:

Several shots from the trailer correspond to the Tomorrow War photos released yesterday, providing more background for what’s going on. To create suspense, the movie tends to be using the Jaws strategy of keeping its monsters; in this case, the aliens – hidden. The images of a burning city and blood-splattered windows suggest a formidable foe. And the lack of a clear shot of a single alien suggests a frightening reveal is on the way. It’s unclear if the extraterrestrials from The Tomorrow War will be able to hold their own; against monsters from previous films, but this is a decent teaser.

It’s a shame that The Tomorrow War won’t be seen on the largest screen possible. At the very least, it is being published to the public; rather than being held on the shelf for a while longer. The movie appears to be the ideal option for those who want to see a typical summer blockbuster. But are hesitant to go to the cinema. Hopefully, Amazon will release a longer trailer soon. So we can get a better idea of what to expect from this thrilling adventure.

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