The Office Season 3 claims that former Regional Manager Ed Truck was decapitated by a horrific accident. But many viewers wondered if the story was made up by an employee.

The character played by Ken Howard had minimal NBC sitcom appearances. But from time to time his name and history with Dunder Mifflin were referenced. He was actually the one to hire Michael Scott before the man eventually took over his position. As the Scranton branch’s manager. Thankfully, a member of the crew from the series shed light on the truth about Ed.

During season 2’s episode titled “The Carpet” Ed made his debut on The Office. When Michael met with him to get advice. In “Grief Counseling,” the following season, Jan called Michael to inform him that Ed had passed away. Michael decided to have a grief counseling session, while the rest of the workforce seemed unbothered by the news. Since the death was not taken seriously by his staff, Michael became more upset. The office came together to make up for him, to have a funeral for a bird to demonstrate their sincerity.

The Office

Although the notion of death was dark enough, due to his tale surrounding Ed’s passing. The notorious liar Creed Bratton added to the level of seriousness. According to Creed, when he slid under an 18-wheeler on the highway. Ed was “drunk as a skunk” getting decapitated in the process. Based on the history of outlandish stories by Creed, viewers were left wondering if the decapitation of Ed was precise. Creed’s story was indeed correct, according to writer Jennifer Celotta.

Office Cast Members Confirmed Ed Truck’s Decapitation

After “Grief Counseling” aired in 2006, audiences questioned the facts about the story of Creed. Assuming that The Office left a mystery with knowledge about Ed’s death. The topic was welcomed by cast members Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. So they wanted to use their Office Ladies podcast to go straight to the source. After contacting Celotta, the writer confirmed that Creed’s story was accurate by saying “sadly for Ed Truck”. “He did really get decapitated”. She also agreed with a portion from viewers since it came from an untrustworthy source by adding. “It sounds like a Creed story, but it actually was a true story in the world of our show.”

As one of the longest-tenured jobs, when Ed was still the boss, Creed was around. That would suggest that the couple stayed in contact or at least had a connection. That would allow him to be notified of the death of his former employer. Shaking Michael to the heart was the point of the shocking and unexpected death. Michael was projecting his own fears, rather than really crying for Ed, that one day he would die alone. He struggled with his own mortality by gauging his co-workers’ actions. The Office delivered a darkly satirical, but highly memorable, episode in doing so.

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