Stormtrooper Writes Hilarious Resignation Letter as Death Star Explodes. During the original Star Wars trilogy, stormtroopers were originally introduced as the foot soldiers of the Galactic Empire. The first Death Star had several Stormtroopers on board when it was blown up in Star Wars: A New Hope by the young Luke Skywalker.

Ever since their appearance in A New Hope, stormtroopers have become an iconic part of Star Wars lore. The masked soldiers were the epitome of obedience. Without showing signs of personality or free will, serving the wicked Darth Vader and the Emperor. In lieu of an allocated trooper number, Stormtrooper cadets were taught to forgo their birth names. The Stormtroopers have evolved many times.


Nevertheless, the soldiers in the white suits are probably the most identifiable versions of Star Wars Stormtroopers viewers are familiar with. The ones are best known for making a lousy goal, too. Since their inception, Stormtroopers have definitely been part of pop culture. The case of Stormtroopers implementing social distancing rules at Disneyland being a recent example.

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A humorous satirical Washington Post letter was written by columnist Alexandra Petri. It cleverly invokes the letter of resignation of a Stormtrooper as a joke on the resignation of U.S. government officials after the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The letter is titled, “I see no choice but to resign from this Death Star as it begins to explode“. Check out an excerpt from the hilarious letter below.

“It is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of responsibility that I must submit my resignation, effective immediately, from my post on this Death Star. However, I see no other choice. Now is the time for all of us to stand up from our posts and do what is right. It’s been an honor to work on this Death Star. I love the aesthetic and love how I’ve been able to pursue my greatest passion: destroying planets and pressing buttons.

Also, I love my little hat that is a sunshade for no reason! I love the easy-to-access computer interfaces, the blast-door equipped hallways. And that one area we can access only by pressing a button to extend a bridge. Our design always made a lot of sense to me! And I love our reliable trash disposal system and the little one-eyed tentacle fella that lives in it. In general, I’m proud of this station and of what we’ve achieved on it, together.”


The Stormtrooper also states that “The population of the planet Alderaan, who totally deserved it, its consequences. Consequences and not having a job!” While the fate of the single Stormtrooper with a rare sense of self-preservation is unclear. The letter itself is a funny example of how to use Stormtroopers to make a point in real-life circumstances. All it takes is one lone soldier, regardless of their ulterior selfish motives. Standing up for what is right for other like-mind men or women to follow suit.

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