Building a start-up isn’t a piece of piss. No matter how knowledged and experienced you are; you can never cross the hurdles with ease.  Backed up with pro-staff or updated technology; the serendipity of your startup depends on your team.

A start-up requires smart work rather than hard work in today’s era to establish you. You need to be prepared for the tough face-offs and stand erect.

Your brick and mortar investment won’t survive with only the manpower in today’s fictitious world. One weak pillar and your system collapse.

So how can you be sure you have congregated the right employees for your start-up to surge?

1. Identify positions

The most lucrative members of the team of an organization are its founder and co-founder. They are responsible to lay the strong foundation of the business and knit the employees skills to achieve success.

So before you hire any member for your team, zero down your aims and goals to understand the requirement. Determine the structure and foundation of your startup. And look for pro-efficient candidate’s who’s skills swear your success.

It doesn’t make sense if you hire 4 managers in a coding firm and not even a single programmer.

Be assertive in your selection.


An initial business start-up doesn’t demand additional financial advice and investment. You always start small and learn to grow big.

You should rather look for pathways rather than roads to success. Introduce yourself into the market by socializing your brand in the market. YOu could do it yourself or hire a celebrity to create visual promotions of your business.

It is advised to look go for part-time or contract-based employees. You could slowly evaluate the performances and select the ones who deliver your task the desired way.

This is the best way to leverage a full set of skills of your employees for your business.


Look for the T-shaped employees. These are the ones who are experienced in more than one specific area but are willing to manage other tasks as well.

They walk an extra mile for you to help your business reach the stars.

For example- your DevOps team needs programmers can create and run the code. So while you interview for DevOps; ask the candidates questions about the other end of the team too; so that he could be handy enough for you as an employee.

While starting a business from the scratch these “Jack of man trades” will be more productive than employees who are knowledged about one field only.

The steeping stones to growth are much firmer with former candidates. These T-shaped guys are your ladder to success.

So while taking an interview always converse about skills that aren’t’ relevant to the profile.

4. Look for expertise

Whatever skill you are in need of, reach out to your peers.

There is a definite chance that you might find someone who could be your co-worker.

And if your circle doesn’t end your search, enquire in your neighbourhood or ask for off-shore employees for help.

Do not outsource your work. The cost might not be a matter of concern. But the quality of work is. You cannot sync with the out-sourced system according to your requirements which does form a barrier to progress. This forms a tenacious task for the employer.


No matter who you are looking for, prioritize your requirements. Take decisions about hires based on your products needs, team skills and budget. Hold on to your principles and you will fly high.

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