Star Wars: Thanks to The High Republic, Star Wars has explained the various ways in which Jedi see the Force. From the very beginning, it was revealed as the energy that holds the world together.

The Force has become a ubiquitous part of Star Wars. Star Wars movies and shows have since explored the Force in a number of ways, showing numerous users of the Force beyond just the Jedi and Sith, various forces of the Force, prophecies, opinions on it, and much more. It’s a central aspect of the franchise for everyone, however, there’s still a lot unknown about the Force.

Nearly every new addition to the canon of Star Wars introduces its own interpretation of the Force, with ideas such as balance or, as introduced by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. A dyad, or demonstrating what it means to individuals who are not Force-sensitive, as in The Mandalorian. Star Wars: The High Republic is no exception; it features the Jedi Order in its prime, set 200 years before the events of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Since there are so many Jedi, and the Order is at the height of its galactic strength, that allows for a great deal of scope to further explore the Force.

Star Wars
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This has already been achieved by the High Republic in a few ways. Such as explaining how the Jedi Avar Kriss uses her lightsaber to see the Force. And getting back the Fighting Meld power of the Legends Force into the canon. One of the most interesting expansions, however, is how the way Jedi see the Force is described. In Star Wars movies, this is something that has not been much explored. While the Force is frequently portrayed as an energy field circling the galaxy and terms similar to that, providing a sense of what it is. It has seldom been combined with a more individualistic view of it. This changed with the novel by Charles Soule, Star Wars: Jedi Light. Via the Force, it has several distinct Jedi interacting together, showing exactly what each of them sees it as when tapping into it:

“What [Avar Kriss]┬áheard as a song, Elzar Mann saw as a deep, endless, storm-tossed sea. The Wookiee Burryaga was a single leaf on a gigantic tree with deep-dug roots and sky-high limbs. Douglas Sunvale saw the Force as a huge, interlocking set of gears. made of an endless variety of materials from crystal to bone. Bell Zettifar danced with fire. Loden Greatstorm danced with the wind… All of the Jedi were the Force, and the Force was all of them.”

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This is in line with what the Force has previously known, but adds an even deeper layer to it. The Force is still energy, but it makes sense that it would be perceived in a different way by every Jedi. All of the Jedi have different ways of understanding and relating to the Force. As well as different power levels in that connection. Since being a Jedi is similar to a kind of religion, but at the time of the High Republic without too much dogma. Then each with their own personalized means of seeing or hearing it helps to strengthen their ties to it. And provides an even greater understanding of what the Force is. Much like people may see a God differently. So, depending on the Jedi, it’s rational that the Force will manifest in specific ways.

It’s easy to understand why in Star Wars movies or shows this kind of concept has not been developed as much. As it would be more challenging to portray on film. And so it’s normally easier to show a Jedi only meditating in the Force; audiences see them reach out, but not exactly what they reach out to. Beyond more abstract or widespread words, such as Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Of course, it is also likely that this is because by the time of the prequels. The Jedi Order was less powerful, with fear spreading, weakening their powers and relation to the Force.


Similarly, with such individualism, the Jedi Order of the High Republic seems to have more freedom; at the time of the prequels, it is Yoda’s dogmatic view that dominates. And anyone like Qui-Gon Jinn is a little more of an outsider for possessing different points of view or approaches. There’s less space to explore how Jedi could see the Force with all of that. But Star Wars finally does a better job of illustrating it with The High Republic.

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