Soundwave tattoos are becoming very popular. Besides, this tattoo provides a facility, which is one can hear the sound of their loved ones. But the question is how is it possible to design such thing. Day by day we are getting to know about cool as well as innovative technologies. And, soundwave tattoo is one of it.

soundwave tattoo

Talking about how it works, so the tattoo artist will create a visual representation of a soundwave and you will have to download an application known as skin motion. Through this application you will be able to scan the soundwave. During the scanning, the application will recognize the soundwave visually. And, hence you will be able to hear a respective sound.

Lokesh Verma

Tattoo Artist Lokesh Verma | Best Tattoo Artist in India
Lokesh Verma

Lokesh Verma is a celebrity tattoo artist. Well by the name one can simply understand that he is Indian. Apart from it, this guy has inked many celebrities including cricketer Ishant Sharma and choreographer Remo D’Souza. He commenced creating soundwave tattoos around 2016. According to him, he is the first Indian, who have started designing soundwave tattoo.

This guy had trained other artists as well. The method of creating such tattoos involves lot of intricacies. Mr. Verma says that these tattoos are similar to that of barcode. However, each soundwave is different from the other. One should be careful while creating it, as an artist has to draw tiny lines. And, the artist will not be wanting to upset the customer. A marginal error can affect the tattoo.

Also, the customer can choose any sound they desire to hear. It can be the voice of their child or dog. But one should remain careful while choosing the tattoo artist. One should opt for a professional as well as a licensed artist. The soundwave created on your skin is nothing but a continuous analog signal.

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