Sophia Lillis on horror, Uncle Frank and what happened to season 2 of I Am Not Okay With This.

The little champ Sophia Lillis has gathered herself a mighty resume as an actor. Popular worked as a child artist in many movies, she now has earned the right vote this year. The adult turned teenager was super excited about her first presidential polling.

Lillis breakthrough performance in as adaptation of Stephan King as Beverly Marsh grabbed close to $1 billion the box office. Later she played young Amy Adams in the psychological thriller Sharp Objects. She was the queen of the Young adult territory of the industry after playing the lead roles in Nancy Drew, Hidden Staircase and Hansel and Gretel.

Her role as Sydney Novak in I Am Not Okay made her stand out in the industry. Playing a neurotic teenager in the Supernatural comedy on Netflix. Sydney is a teenager struggling with her sexuality and her supernatural power.

Unfortunately, the series had to shut down its production after the first season due to the pandemic.

Lillis is as curious as the fans to know if Jonathan Entwistle would be creating another season of the series. She is in a dilemma after her conversation with the director; whether or season 2 will be produced or no.

Lillis gained fame with her performance in IT and was overwhelmed with this genre of the entertainment industry. She still kept trying to broaden her horizons.

Apart from her acting skills, Lillis is a trained guitarist. She has also upgraded her speaking skills taking English accent lesson while she was in New York during the lockdown earlier this year.

She is also seen in Uncle Frank, a semi-autobiographical coming of age story b Alan Ball of Six Feet Under and True Blood fame.

Uncle Frank is the story of a gay growing up in South America. He narrates a story of a college professor Paul Battany who couldn’t cope up with sexuality issues and leaves the family to start a living in Bohemian New York. Lillis plays Uncle Frank’s niece who develops a bonding when they meet over a death ceremony in the family.

Lillis appreciates the story of Uncle Frank and is contend about the change in social perspective about the LGBT community. Coming from a non-industry background, Lillis has earned huge fame in Hollywood. She is thankful to her family for their extended support always.

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