Sanchita Puri: ‘Yoga transformed me as a person,’ says actress, who is also a certified yoga instructor.

Actress Sanchita Puri, who is best known for her portrayal of Prerna in Ginny Weds Sunny, has one more passion, other than acting. Not many know that she is a certified yoga instructor and a strong advocate of practicing yoga. “I’ve been doing yoga for about five years now, but I got myself certified around two years ago. One of my passions is to teach yoga and I enjoy doing that. So, I’ve been a yoga coach, on and off. During the lockdown, I did a lot of online sessions and have also been teaching my family members,” says the actress.

Ask Sanchita why she trained in yoga and made it an important part of her lifestyle. And she says, “There was a zeal within me to be well versed with the skill. Also, I wanted to work on my body. But when I train in yoga, I realize it’s not just about the body. It’s about aligning your body, soul and mind. Yoga transformed me as a person. It also helped me hone my acting skills”.

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“Yoga made me more grounded, taught me how to be in the moment and observe my breath, which is very important for any actor. It also changes you as a person – you become calmer and more patient. Now I want to do more advanced forms of yoga. It helps you focus on breath and stay grounded as an actor. It’s important to always be in the moment, and with yoga, you are well aware of your body and mind connection,” she adds.

The actress says that everyone should make yoga a part of their daily lives. “Yoga is not just about practise; it’s about getting deep in your soul. It makes you soul conscious, and I’ve experienced that personally. Acting and yoga are my greatest passions. They both go hand in hand for me. As a yoga aficionado, I would want to spread yogic knowledge. I keep hearing about anxiety and panic attacks, and I firmly believe that yoga is the solution to all of this. It helps you in every phase of life,” she signs off.

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