Rilakkuma and Kaoru is the ideal anime for cozy fall nights. During the Anime festival this year, Netflix came up with many new series. Out of all Rilakkuma and Kaoru stood unique.

Netflix is gearing to release its sequel very soon, and the holidays eve is the perfect time to watch the prequel. Rilakkuma and Kaoru was a wonderful animation series in 2019.

Let’s get you ready for the upcoming sequel to the series of 2019; Rilakkum’s Theme Park Adventure.

Rilakkuma was under creation in 2013 by the San-X company.

Rilakkuma is the lead cartoon character in the series.  He is a lazy bear who likes to relax. In fact, his name is coherent with his characteristics; where Rirakkusu in Japanese means to relax and kum is for bear and so Rilakkuma is a loafer bear. Rilakkuma was first launched as Rilakkuma Seikatsu. Later it gained fame and was featured in America and Japan.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru released in 2019, is set around a stressed-out office worker Kaoru. Who always seems to be unlucky. Her roommates Rilakkuma, Playful bear Karilakkuma and the hard-working bird Kiiroitori form her support in tough times.

Rilakkuma And Kaoru
The series runs for a year spanning 13 episodes releasing in April.

The reminisces the events and adventures they do in hot summers, winter and also during festive seasons.

The 2019 series is a sublime animation series creation using stop motion animation and intricate detail. The intricacies of the scenes are enhanced by the smart visualization of the lighting element.

The dappled light of the sun peeking through the trees outside the windows in summers and the atmospheric shadows of the Halloween episodes have added authenticity to the scenes.

The transition between the real and imaginary world of Kaoru is beautifully projected using the stop motion animation. Each animated character has its own identity in the series. They also have their own body language and convey their emotions through their personality.

The fantastic sound direction using Qurul’s song Sampo will keep you humming its tunes for weeks. This series is a positively joyous anime drama that will comfort you with warmth and fuzz. The concept of the show is also to portray the power of friendship and how little things can help us survive and thrive.

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