One blunder nullifies another blunder and the new blunder creates a new situation. This is how one can describe the present game of cat-and-mouse between the government and farmers.

There is no denying the fact that the farmers committed hara-kiri on Jan 26 when a section amongst.

Them decided to storm the Red Fort and hoisted a religious flag there.

Their agitation had forced the government not only to listen to them but also to climb down. So it beyond comprehension what they wanted to prove with a tractor march other than to showcase their strength.

Now, one can safely say that they were wrongly advised as their strength was something that had already been proven.

The decision-makers of the movement did not realise that it is always difficult to control and discipline a rally.

And if a rally is on the move, then it is even more difficult to manage. In such rallies, it is easy for anti-social elements and government-linked saboteurs to mingle in the crowd garb of volunteers and create mayhem at the opportune time.

This is exactly what happened and discredited the movement. It is good that after the Red Fort fiasco, the farmers decided.

to cancel their march to parliament on Feb 1 (Budget Day).

But the government committed a blunder too. Last night, the UP government falsely assumed that farmers had lost support and sympathy amongst the public.

It decided to uproot the agitating farmers camping at the Ghazipur border. By late evening, it appeared that the police would not have much difficulty in having this camp vacated.

But with an emotional outburst, farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikait turned the tables on the administration.

His tears proved more powerful than the might of the UP government. His address resonated across the entire Jat land of western UP.

hich till then had been lukewarm in extending support to him.

Tikait, this far, has seen as a government ‘stooge’. He also perceived as a loose cannon and an irresponsible leader.

He was blamed by his own friends for provoking farmers to move towards the Red Fort.

The high-handedness of the UP government turned him into a victim from a villain and his support swelled overnight; now, he is a hero. The police had to retreat. It could neither arrest him not uproot the protestors. Had the police waited a few more days, Tikait would have reduced to a non-entity.

The UP state elections will take place in February next year. It is not without reason that Akhilesh Yadav, Arvind Kejriwal, Tejaswi Yadav, Ajit Singh and other political leaders have called up Rakesh Tikait after his emotional outburst.