Pm Modi, CMs to take COVID-19 jab in second phase of vaccination. The COVID-19 vaccination campaign continues with varying degrees of enthusiasm in the world. For those over 50 years of age, Pm Modi and Chief Ministers of various states are likely to get the jab in the second phase of vaccination.

The second phase is meant for those over 50 years of age

Pm Modi

Government sources reported that Pm Modi had told the party in his video conference. That with Chief Ministers just before the start of India’s vaccination campaign in January. Also that politicians should not jump the vaccination queue as the first round was for frontline health and law enforcement staff.

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“In the second process he says that in the same way. After the completion of vaccination gets over with the senior citizens the politicians will have their turn. a government official said. In the plan original plan, there is nothing new,” the source said.

“The remarks do not come up with any specific date. It is when the prime minister or chief ministers of different states will receive the vaccine,” the government source added.

However, as the vaccine campaign advances, Mr. Modi’s optics for having the jab could go a longer way in calming vaccine sceptics.

Protection of 7,86,000 beneficiaries since January 16 were in the vaccine campaign. With the number estimated to be double that. Among the several reasons, many reasons are due to the slower offtake of software errors, adverse events, and confusion regarding the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Whether the Covishield vaccine or the indigenously produce Covaxin would be taken by the Prime Minister is uncertain.

Meanwhile, medicine consignments have been sent to Indian neighbours such as Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Bangladesh under “vaccine diplomacy”.

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