Pavitra Punia, Bigg Boss 14 contestant, talks about her broken engagement. She says, “Not a single day goes by that I don’t remember my ex-fiancé”.

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia has got alone in the game. All her friends have slowly turned her enemies and things seems to be not going right for the actress. Pavitra was seen discussing with the captain of the week, Kavita about her broken engagement. When Kavita asked her how long the relationship lasted, Pavitra shared that they got engaged in 2015. And were together till 2018.

She further shared that when she broke up, he decided that he would not get married ever in future. And if anyone who can be in his life, it is her. Pavitra confessed that she met him just before coming inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. She also opens up about her feeling and says that there’s not a single day that goes by when she doesn’t remember him.


When Kavita quizzes her what went wrong, she stated that there were misunderstanding and doubts from her fiancé’s side. She goes on to praise him and says that he was the only man who always stood for her and never misbehaved. Pavitra also stated that she also stood by him.

Kavita quickly tells her then why is she getting distracted inside the house referring to Eijaz. Pavitra makes it very clear that she is not distracted by anyone and denies being close to Eijaz. Kavita here tries telling Pavitra not to play love angle in the Bigg Boss house as it might hurt her ex fiancé.

Pavitra and Eijaz got very close to each other. However, when Eijaz confessed his feelings for Pavitra, she went on a back foot and stated that she has no feeling for Eijaz. A week ago, they had a massive fight and are not in talking terms with each other.

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