With school doors shut in India, education has been completely digitised. This move onto the virtual scape was drastic, and it has reorganised our lives completely. There are no morning runs for the school bus or lunch box preparation tasks anymore. Instead, children are home all day, attending school from home. This change can be very overwhelming for parents to facilitate and support.

It would be helpful to consider a few do’s and don’ts for parents who are struggling with online school.

Set up a workspace for your child. Sitting in front of their devices can get boring, so make sure to create a relaxing environment. Adjust the lighting, and set up a desk with a comfortable chair to sit on.If you don’t have a desk, please do not mask your child sit on the bed. Beds can be comfortable, but they are often so comfortable that they stimulate lethargy. Working on the dining table would be better or you could invest in a lap desk.
Sometimes children can get distracted with things going on at home. Try to maintain peace and quiet. Sometimes family members doing chores around the house may also distract your child, maybe you could create a chore schedule around your child’s school timetable. Don’t have an overbearing presence when your child is attending class. Give them some space, try not to peep into their devices when they are working.
Create a semblance of normalcy. Help them to socialise with friends. If your child is young, coordinate with other parents to set up virtual playdates. JusTalk Kids has interactive games and doodling features that make video chatting fun. For older children, it would be recommended to nudge them to stay in touch with friends outside class –⁠ but remember not to be too nosey. Messenger Kids is a great teen-friendly app with parental monitoring tools.