The blockbuster movie of the decade “Avengers : Endgame” tied up so many loose ends. So, it can be somewhat tedious to track them all down. The culmination of over 10 years of extraordinary movies was one of the most bold, ambitious and creative projects ever ‘assembled’.

While, we know the film’s main objective was to follow the events of Avengers :Infinity War, yet the Russo Brothers and company did an amazing job of hiding as many Easter Eggs as possible into the movie.

One of these various Easter Eggs has to deal with Thor’s beloved hammer, Mjolnir.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor came into the Marvel Universe quite early on as one of the original Avengers. The movie first aired on the big screen in 2011. While the film in itself wasn’t that great, Hemsworth’s performance as an intergalactic God of Thunder, sent to planet Earth, to save a small town from a massive disaster brought a great many fans to the character.

While other characters like Loki and Odin became staples of the franchise, one of the unspoken heroes was Mjolnir, Thor’s trusty hammer.

The weapon, Mjolnir

Mjolnir was not just a weapon, but it was something Thor could rely on the most. It was like a part of him. It was built from the most refined metal that the universe has to offer. Also, it could only be lifted by those deemed worthy to carry its power. With Mjolnir by his side, Thor got through battles big and small. And no one else was barely getting even close to his beloved weapon, such was its power.

However, by the time “Thor: Ragnarok” came along, Thor watched helplessly as his sister Hela, The Goddess of Death, destroyed the hammer and rendered his power completely useless.

The film was a box office smash and added a brand new dynamic to a character. As the first venture wasn’t nearly as well-received and the second failed miserably. But by the time that Avengers Infinity War and Endgame came around, we saw a different Thor altogether. After reuniting with his hammer, a long joke that started with Captain America’s first appearance (everything special about him came out of a bottle) was finally paid off. He amazed everyone by wielding Mjolnir in the latter film’s epic final battle.

Captain America and Thor

Captain America and Thor had, in many ways, the closest resemblance to one another in the Marvel universe. While Steve Rogers wasn’t a 1,500-year-old God of Thunder, living in an alien planet, he was a man who had been rendered ageless by a scientific experiment. Similar to Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s iconic Shield was the source of a lot of his power. It was made from the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe, Vibranium. He might not have been as powerful, physically or mentally, as The God of Thunder, but he was the closest among the mortal Avengers. 

Since early on in the franchise, Captain America was seen to have wanting to wield Thor’s hammer. On several occasions throughout, both he and other team members have been seen attempting to lift Thor’s famous weapon to no avail. But by finally doing so in Endgame, Captain America proved his worth. It showed that the God’s power was not passed down through blood, but came from one’s own will. However, this enthralling Endgame sequence also includes a fun little Easter Egg for fans to feast their eyes on. 

Some of the best parts of the Marvel universe for its die-hard fans are little observations about the actions, sets, and props inside the movies.

The final clue

One user on Reddit noticed a particularly interesting difference when Captain America finally wielded Thor’s hammer. Thor often reaches out for his hammer and waits for it to land on the palm of his hands. But Captain America does something entirely different. 

Reddit user Moohamin12 pointed out a subtle difference in a thread on Reddit. 

“In Endgame, Cap always cushions the flight path of Mjolnir while Thor grabs it outstretched. Cap is used to adjusting for the Shield’s recoil while Thor knows Mjolnir comes to a stop at his hand.”

This might seem like a minute little detail, but it shows a major difference between the two. Thor is used to the hammer’s power while Captain America is used to his Shield. While the Shield might not be the same as a Godly weapon, he immediately goes into his comfort zone and swings it similarly as he does his own weapon. Now this could be a case of the Russos’, Evans, or someone else giving direction. Conversely, it could be a happy coincidence that the actor did with muscle memory. So we hope was the intended coincidental case.

Whatever the case may be, this was Captain America’s moment. It is when Captain America proved he wasn’t just super strong, but also made himself on-par with a literal god.

Captain America’s time in the MCU is sadly done. But audiences can see where Thor goes in 2022’s Thor: Love & Thunder. In it another familiar face will reportedly wield the hammer, too. Fans all over the world are super excited to see what Phase 4 will bring in the Thor franchise.

So for now “Avengers, Assemble”.