Mood swings refers to change in the mood. Some people suffering from depression as well as bipolar depression may experience frequent mood swings. Women suffering from diseases such as premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual dysphoric syndrome may experience mood swings. Moreover, conditions like schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dementia as well as thyroid may include mood swings as as symptom.

How to deal with mood swings:

  • Try to control stress.
  • Adapt a daily routine.
  • Sleep for six to eight hours a day.
  • Avoid caffeine as well as quit habits like consuming alcohol, drugs.
  • Change your diet.

Bipolar depression:

Have you ever seen someone behaving normal and excited during the day. However, in the night you may see a sudden change in their mood. You will notice them not talking, being emotional or may be grumpy. They can be suffering from a bipolar depression. Although depression makes it worse. Sometimes they struggle to get out of the bed.

Their is constant feeling to get a sleep. They can also experience frequent loss in their appetite. They find it hard to share things with people. And the doctors say that it can be put to control with the help of proper medications. Also, maintaining a journal is found to be helpful. Some celebrities like Mariah Carey, Carrie Fisher, Bebe Rexha, Mel Gibson, Demi Lovato were found to be suffering from bipolar disorder.

Myths about mood disorders:

  • People dealing from a mood disorder are very creative.
  • Mood disorders are nothing but lack of willpower.
  • A child from a happy family will never suffer from mood disorders.
  • A person dealing with mood swing is definitely suffering from bipolar disorder.
  • Someone is having it because of some flaw in their personality.
  • It happens with adults only.
  • It is a lifelong condition.
  • It is a sign of weakness.


Mood swings are normal and women often experience it during their periods. It is possible to have certain disorders, but no one should be ashamed of it.