Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is a statutory setup by Government of India. It is the regulator of the telecommunications sector in India. One of the main objectives is to provide a fair and transparent environment that promotes fair competition in the market. TRAI has brought new rule for the landline users.

Landline users will have to add '0' before dailling mobile number

Now Telecom subscribers has to add ‘0’ when calling from landline to any mobile number from January 1, 2021. The decision has made to ensure and adequate the numbering resources for landline and mobile services.

The DoT’s November 20 circular said that all the landline subscribers should provide with ‘0’ dailling facility and STD dailling facility. All the subscribers have given the time until January 2021 to implement it.

Trai explained that prefixing ”0” for calls from fixed line to mobile numbers will generate 2,544 million additional numbering resources. That for mobile services to cater to the future requirements. The telecom regulator also says that migration to a unified or single numbering scheme for fixed-line and mobile services is not require for now and that sufficient numbering space can be created by various methods, including prefixing ”0” for all fixed to mobile calls.

It also recommend that a revise and new National Numbering Plan (NNP) should be issue at the earliest. Also made suggestions on ways to free up unutilise capacities, to create space for mobiles services.

DoT also said that the announcement related to this rule will also be played when the landline users daills a mobile number from the landline. The announcement will provide the information to add the ‘0’ before the dailled mobile number.

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