Sandalwood Senior actor Hulivana Gangadhar has died at the age of 70 due to Covid-19 on Friday, 17 July. He is a familiar face among the Kannada TV and cinema audience.

The actor was shooting for daily soap Prema Loka. But he found some symptoms and got home quarantine. But later he was admitted to BGS hospital over breathing-related issues.Unfortunately, the treatment failed and he breathed his last on Friday evening.

Kannada filmmaker T N Seetharam was shocked by his death. He wrote, “Hulivana Gangadhar was a friend and a wonderful talent. His death has pained me a lot.His performance in the role of a driver in my Aaspota play earned popularity not only to him but also to the play.

It was favourite character in the play for George Fernandes. His character garnered a lot of appreciation for the role of Rajananda Swamy in Muktha Muktha serial. After being part of the play, which saw 127 shows. And working in the serial for over three and a half years, we had become nice friends.”

Kannada film maker T N Seetharam

He worked in more than 1500 stage shows,120 movies which included Appu, Bhoomi Thayiya Chochchala Maga, Ulta Palta, Grama Devathe, Shabdhavedi and Kurigalu Sir Kurigalu.

Mourning the veteran’s death, Vijay Suriya says, “We shot together in the last week of June. He was full of energy and enthusiasm and never liked to sit idle. He is an inspiration to any young actor. Despite his age, he was also actively involved in agriculture and used to tell me how everyone can be involved in agriculture. It is sad to know that he is no more.”