Indian vaccine may get launched within the end of this year as the pandemic in the country is worsening day by day. India is registering more than 50,000 cases daily and is the third worst affected country after America and Brazil. Till now India has recorded 27,67,274 cases with 52,889 deaths.

Now the country is in the hurry to release it’s vaccine which is currently under the clinical trials. The Indian vaccine or the Oxford vaccine is believed as the only relief to the pandemic. Where as recently Russia released the first vaccine in the World but the World Health Organization(WHO) is not satisfied with the vaccine as it completed the clinical trials within 2 months and it’s least than excepted.

The only trusted vaccine till now is the vaccine which is getting developed in Oxford in collaboration with Serum Institute of India. This vaccine has already finished the I and II phase of clinical trials and enter the III Phase of the clinical trial this week. It has already showed good results in the Phase I and Phase II of clinical trials.

If the Phase III trials go well then India will lay hands on the potential vaccine to cure the respiratory disease. Even India’s another vaccine ‘COVAXIN’, developed by Bharat Biotech is under Phase II of clinical trial. But the Indian vaccine may reach the patients after the Oxford vaccine. India has recorded 64,531 fresh cases in the last 24 hours.

Also Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison said that they are too getting positive outcome from the vaccines and will start mass production soon. He also mentioned that Australian population will be provided with free doses of the coronavirus vaccines. [Read more about this]