Reportedly, a live-action Harry Potter show is in the works at HBO Max. Over the last few decades, Harry Potter has been a bonafide sensation. Penned by J.K., The Books After the central trio of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley. And Hermione Granger, Rowling produced eight films that adapted the novels directly. Altogether, at the box office, the films grossed over $7 billion and have remained successful in syndication and at-home media.

The saga of the film Fantastic Beasts acts as a prequel to the films. Starring Eddie Redmayne, at the turn of the 20th century. Fantastic Beasts is a proposed franchise of five films and explores the Wizarding World. Controversy has engulfed the saga, as Rowling has been called out over the past year for her transphobic remarks. After domestic violence charges culminated in the star losing a defamation case against UK newspaper The Sun. The series also recently asked Johnny Depp to resign.

Harry Potter

Even, the success of the series remains and it seems that WB is looking to capitalize on that. According to THR, the Harry Potter series is very early in production. Exploratory meetings were allegedly held by the studio to flesh out ideas for the show. That would be an exclusive HBO Max. The reports that a series is in the works and there are no writers attached to the project have been refuted. By both HBO Max and Warner Bros., showing just how early it is in the production process.

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Like many existing franchises, when it comes to a Harry Potter television show, the possibilities are endless. The most obvious alternative, and perhaps the one fans want the most. It will be one that follows the incredibly famous movies directly. Rowling has decided what post-Hogwarts her popular characters have been up to and an adaptation seems ripe. Harry’s career as an auror has been said to be a perfect entry point for a sequel or future series. And bringing back the famous titular character will be one way to revive the franchise, particularly given the state it is currently in.

The series of Fantastic Beasts is obviously in danger. At the box office, the second film, The Crimes of Grindelwald, underperformed and critics panned it. With the third film, Warner Bros. is hoping to turn it around, but that remains up in the air. It seems like it would be a mistake for the series to pursue another prequel story to the films. Especially after what happened with Fantastic Beasts. It would also be strange if they only wanted to retell the original films’ plot. Either a Harry Potter series will have to follow the characters as they navigate their adult lives or the lives of their children might be discussed. Something that Harry Potter and the Cursed Boy, a play and sequel, have already begun to do.

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