Government jobs, “sarkari naukari”. The importance of government job and its reputation is very high as compare to the private sector. It doesn’t matter whether the person in a private sector is working hard and earning more. Besides, government job always wins as it is said to be “aaram ki naukari”.

Well financial security is important. However, the real question is,”does people preparing for government job have a life”? The phase where you are supposed to enjoy, you’re giving all your time for preparation of a particular exam. I mean studying is important, but not all day. It doesn’t mean you should just stop living your life.

The fact that people with bad financial condition needs a job more than anything. Moreover, they have a responsibility. Besides, their dreams has no value, they are shattered, because of lack of money. They doesn’t have a provision to choose, they need to work according to their family’s need.

Also, the phrase, “bs ek bar naukari lag jaye phir tumhe jo krna h krlena”. How is that even possible for a person, who spends six hours of his/her life working. How is he/she suppose to do anything else. There is no option of quitting for sure, after all “ghar kese chlega”. And then comes, “hamne pai pai jod kar tumhe padhaya h”, that child understand the fact that their parents have given everything, just so he/she can get a proper education.

Besides, the parent should understand that, they are causing stress to their child. Moreover, that child is studying every day, just to get a job of his/her parent’s desire. So, be a little gentle with him, as he’s not chilling with his friends, rather he is studying for 10 hours in a library.

The point is every child has a right to pursue a career of their choice. However, that child is keeping your wishes above his/her. So, try and understand his point of view. Have a little patience, as job isn’t going anywhere.