Ghost writing is when a person writes articles, books, speeches, blogs, emails, newsletters, etc without receiving any credit for the work. The credit is usually given to the client or the business that hired the writer.

Ghost writers get zero credit for their work and cannot share their writings anywhere. These writers take the money but not a single amount of credit for the work. Ghost writing has been a common practice for a very long time.

Usually if a person wants to create a new content for their website, they may hire a ghost writer. This can also include writing business copies, ads, or supplying rewritten items for professional or personal use. Ghost writers are usually freelance writing professionals and produce high quality content. The writing is always professional and garners lot of attention.

Sometimes, ghost writers are also hired for writing books and eBooks. In such cases, the credit goes entirely to the author and not the ghost writers. They might receive some credit, if the author is willing to give it. In such a case, the ghost writer may be referred to as an editor or the co-author of the book.

Income By Ghost Writing

The income of ghost writers depends on their experience. An experienced ghost writer can make an average amount of Rs 15,00,000 to Rs 37,00,000 per project, depending on the work and the client. However, beginners may earn an average amount of Rs 3,75,000 per project. The income usually depends on the length of the work, and also the average time of completing the project.

Kick-Starting A Career

For beginners in this field, it may take from an average of one to two years to become a professional ghost writer. However, writers with experience may take around 6 months to year to establish themselves properly in this field.

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