Mohit Goel the man who was behind the scam of Freedom 251 mobile phones.

Back in 2016 when his company , ringing bells announced the launch of Freedom 251 , It was an Android Phone which cost was 251 with all the features.

Due to this news everyone registered for this phone and paid 251 Rupees for getting this phone.

In 2016, Goel’s Ringing Bells launched the Freedom 251 cheapest smartphone with a price tag of Rs 251. The phone, with its bizarre price tag, grabbed big headlines at launch.

It soon came under the scanner of the government after the company announced that it had received 50 million registrations for the phone.

But when authorities knew about it they investigated and came to a result that it was nothing but a fraud.

After people knew about it that it was nothing but a fraud , they urges higher authorities for the cases against him.

Now Mohit Goel has come up with another fraud , this fraud is of 200 crores .

This Fraud is of dry fruits , where Geol is reportedly accused of defaulting payments of dry fruits traders after offering them advance payments and bulk order to gain trust .

As a result , Geol was arrested on Sunday in a dry fruit fraud case worth Rs. 200 crore.

An Fir was first reportedly filed against Geol’s company last month , and after that the police has at least 40 written complaints of fraud against it from traders in Punjab, Haryana, UP, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and few others state. Goel’s bail was plea also denied by the Surajpur court on Monday.