An australian swimmer Chloe McCardel has broken the men’s record for the number of English Channel crossings.

Chloe McCardel took 10 hours and 40 minutes to complete the english channel crossing. After setting off from Kent on Saturday evening.

The 35 year old started her 33 km swim from Abbot’s Cliff beach near Folkestone at 10pm on Saturday and arrived in France just before 7am .

She intended to only spend a few moments on French shore before heading back to her support boat for the return journey.

In recent weeks she has completed three Channel crossings, taking her level with British swimmer Mr Murphy, on 34 crossings.

McCardel is now second on the list of the most Channel swims. Passing the men’s record of 34 crossings held by Briton Kevin Murphy.

Equalling the women’s record will be a greater challenge as the record for women is 43 crossings.

McCardel holds multiple records for endurance swimming including the longest ratified unassisted ocean swim in 2014. When she covered 1244 km in 41.5 hours in the waters around the Bahamas.

“I’m in great spirits,” Ms McCardel said.

She said there was little risk of coming into contact with someone in France because her swims usually end in an area of boulders near Cap Gris-Nez.

“I usually finish where there are large boulders and it’s inaccessible to people on land because you can’t walk through the boulders. There’s no sand,” she said.

In 2017, she became the first person to attempt a quadruple non-stop crossing of the English Channel. But she was not successful in completing the 84-mile journey.