Delhi Police Attacked With Sword In Tractor Rally Violence, Say Police. During a farmers’ tractor protest that went rogue on Tuesday. A policeman was attacked with a sword in Delhi during clashes.

Delhi Police

The Delhi Police charged and broke through barricades. Also the Delhi Police said in its First Information Report (FIR) on the clashes. The farmers were led by Nihangs equipped with swords and kirpans.

Police in Delhi say more than 300 policemen injure in clashes. With protesters who defied agreements and on Republic Day took their tractor rally to the centre of Delhi.

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During the violence on Tuesday, the operator of the Additional DCP Central getting attack with a sword at ITO, the police says, according to the news agency ANI. The incident took place just outside the Delhi Police headquarters at ITO, a key intersection in Delhi.

“Many violent people reached Red Fort suddenly. Drunken farmers or whoever they were, attacking us suddenly with swords, lathis, and other weapons.”Suddenly many violent people reached Red Fort. Drunken farmers or whoever they were, suddenly attacking us with swords, lathis, and other weapons.”too difficult” was the situation.

At around 8.30 am on January 26, 2021, around 6,000-7,000 tractors assembling at the borders of Singhu. Also they were to reach Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar and take a right turn. They insisted on going to Central Delhi instead of the agreed route and, despite persuasion by the Delhi Police.

Farmers led by Nihangs on their horses fully equipped with deadly weapons such as swords, kripans and farsas (axes) charged the police and broke several layers of barricades erected between Mukarba Chowk and Transport Nagar, the FIR police said. One of the videos circulating online shows a protester armed with a sword chasing policemen.

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