Deadpool: In an amusing new piece of crossover art, Deadpool becomes Scarface. Released in 2016, after years of studios hesitating to make superheroes anything but family-friendly. Deadpool not only finally brought the iconic edgy comic book character to life on film in a satisfying fashion. It also helped make super-profane and violent comic book movies commercially viable.

After the first Deadpool at the worldwide box office soared to $783 million. Its sequel Deadpool 2 topped that figure by grossing $785 million. But when Disney’s purchase of Fox gave the character rights over to the studio best known for producing family entertainment. Fans of Deadpool’s R-rated antics got some seemingly bad news. However, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige recently made remarks that should reassure fans of Deadpool. In an interview, Feige announced that while Deadpool is expected to officially join the MCU. Like its predecessors, the next movie in the series will be R-rated.

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Fan artist Bosslogic may have created a new picture crossing Wade Wilson with another anti-hero movie. Known for his love of sex, violence, and cursing-and cocaine-in celebration of the news that the movie is now R-rated. Even inside the boundaries of the MCU. And the picture shows the word ‘cake mix’ emblazoned on Deadpool’s bag of coke in a possible snarky reference to Deadpool. Arriving at family-friendly Disney (he keeps the cake mix right next to the cure for blindness).

Of course, starring Al Pacino as the gangster Tony Montana. 1983’s Scarface went on to become an iconic film beloved everywhere by want to be gangsters. Scarface and Deadpool, indeed, have a lot in common psychologically. As both are celebrations of extreme violence and profanity in their own ways. In fact, though, Scarface is a much more extreme film than Deadpool. As director Brian De Palma transforms Tony Montana’s saga into a true opera of sex, drugs, gore, and cursing.

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Although Deadpool may never have reached Scarface’s operatic heights. The film definitely staked a spot on the comic book movie as a fun and distinctly adult spin. But now, with the third movie going to be part of the MCU. It’s normal for fans to wonder if the character’s edges will be gone. Turning Deadpool into another Marvel superhero that is family-friendly.

Feige may have given his assurance that the movie will remain in the R-rated domain. But plans are altered over time, and studios obviously respond to shifts in the market they perceive. It seems to be good business on the surface to let Deadpool be the edgy Marvel superhero intended for adults. As that formula has so far been very popular, but it is obviously impossible to know what discussions are really going on inside the Disney and Marvel offices.

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