DC: As much as we’ve grown familiar with superheroes from the DC Extended Universe (DC-EU), we’ve also come to know their villains quite well.

Villains are characters that typically propel the plot forward. This is precisely what DC’s most interesting villains have done in the past. Without them, we wouldn’t know just how capable superheroes can be. This might be the reason why we like to rank the most powerful DC villains.

And when it comes to villains, we think these are the best ones from DC so far:

Black Manta

Some comic book fans may have likened the DC Black Manta to MCU’s Killmonger. In a way, their stories are similar. Their fathers were killed, which is why they were seeking revenge. In the case of Black Manta, his father decides to commit suicide after getting injured and pinned down during a fight with Aquaman. This essentially becomes Black Manta’s motivation for coming up with his suit and going after Aquaman. Later on in the film though, it becomes apparent that he wasn’t strong enough to take down the superhero.

General Zod

General Zod was the first villains introduced by the DCEU. Hailing from Krypton, this character has always been determined to take down Superman at all costs. It doesn’t even matter if he has to annihilate the entire human race to get the job done. Because of this, General Zod is considered to be one of the most sinister villains the DCEU has ever had.

Doctor Poison

Doctor’s Poison’s real name is Isabel Maru and she is fictionally credited for creating a mustard gas for the Germans during World War I. Actress Elena Anaya was eventually tapped to portray her and one of her first questions about the character concerns Doctor Poison’s scars. When she asked Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins about it, Anaya got the most shocking answer. “She said, ‘She wants to provoke painful suffering, so she tested her own gas on her own face,’” Anaya told The Verge. “This is the sadistic side of Dr. Maru.”


In the film Wonder Woman, Diana a.k.a. Wonder Woman was determined early on to kill Ares. This is because she believed that this would finally restore peace in the world. The problem was Diana didn’t recognize who the real Ares was in the beginning. Initially, the superhero was convinced it was Ludendorff. Towards the end, however, Ares had been disguising himself as Sir Patrick Morgan all along. He attempts to get Diana to join his cause, telling her it was pointless to defend humans. However, Diana refuses and an epic fight scene breaks out.

King Orm

Although Black Manta did give Aquaman a hard time in Aquaman, it eventually became clear that King Orm is the main villain of the film instead. As you know, the king also happens to be Aquaman’s younger half brother and he was determined to become Ocean Master so that he could take control of the entire underwater world. Considering the Earth is mostly water, that’s quite an impressive territory to have. Fortunately, Aquaman manages to defeat him in the end, thanks in part to the re-emergence of their mother.

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