A preliminary inquiry initiated by CBI in 2018 and after finding the allegations true.

Central Bureau of Investigation has lodged an FIR against Cambridge Analytica Limited and Global Science Private Limited in connection with data theft of 5.62 lakh Facebook users in India.

A preliminary inquiry initiated by CBI in 2018 and after finding the allegations true.

The federal probe agency has registered a case against these UK based firms.

According to the probe agency, to ascertain the allegations of data theft, details sought from Facebook.

nd Cambridge Analytica for alleged violations, misuse of, the extent of data leakage of Indian users, possible misuse of the data by Cambridge Analytica for profiling and influence elections in India.

Facebook in response had replied, “Data of 5.62 lakh Indians users might have illegally harvested.” Cambridge Analytica.

On the other hand responded that ”they only received

of UK users from the Global Science Private Limited.”“Enquiry has revealed that Aleksandr Kogan, Founder-Director of Global Science Private Limited had created an application “thisisyourdigitallife”.

As per the platform policy of Facebook, this application.

Authorised to collect certain specific data of users for academic and research purposes. The APP, however, illegally collected data of users and their friend’s network on Facebook,” reads the CBI FIR.

Facebook in response, told CBI that this application used by 335 users in India.

However, through this application, Facebook friends of these users also targeted and data of 5.62 lakh was illegally stolen without the knowledge of users.

CBI also got details from 6 users of these applications who told CBI.

That they suspect that their including their friends stolen.

“Global Science Research Limited, UK, entered into a criminal conspiracy with Cambridge Analytica, UK in 2014 and the right to use illegally harvested given to Cambridge Analytica for commercial purposes,” added the CBI FIR.

Both the UK based firms have booked by CBI for criminal conspiracy and violating IT Acts.