Clinical Depression is one such form of depression which is severe compared to the other forms. This kind of depression is not something which you can recover in days or weeks. It may take loads of months or might be years to come out of it. A stomach ache might be sorted out by some home remedies or some other pills. But depression is something which doesn’t resolve on just medicines or any other remedies.

Surprisingly, people who are undergoing depression sometimes will never know that they are suffering from a trauma. Being sad or disinterested for a long time and feeling everything will change with time will never change anything. You’ll just feel more sad as days passes. You just feel that you’ll be ok one day, but that never happens. According to the study from WHO, depression is the second greatest reason for disability in the world. And unfortunately, only 10% of these people ever receive any effective treatment.

Symptoms of being clinically depressed:

  • Medically, if you feel sad or disinterested in things which you like the most for more than 15 days then you are a depressed in some way.
  • Feeling lonely in a crowd, feeling empty from inside.
  • Hopeless and helpless feelings.
  • Losing interest in things.
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Nausea, headaches, chronic pain.
  • Sleeping too much or not sleeping at all.
  • Loss of connection from friends and family.
  • Loss of concentration.
  • Anxiety attacks.
  • Short temper.
  • Thoughts of suicide.


The trauma of clinical depression will affect in a large scale in your life. It will affect your education, friendships, career and many more things in a large way. You may become a drug or alcohol addict to overcome depression. Your productivity becomes so low and it will affect your personal and professional life. So if you don’t take this as a serious disorder then you will surely get affected in a large way.

How to overcome?

  • Make sure that you speak about this to someone whom you trust. They might be your family or friends but speaking to them is important.
  • Consult a good Psychiatrist and start getting good treatment.
  • They are more than 50 million licensed psychiatrists available online for videoconferencing, so you can speak to them if you’re not willing to go out.
  • A study suggested that, 74% of people with mental health problem have a good sign of improvements after spending time with their pet animals.

You are never alone, because you never know how people around you are in real. As human beings, we all have our own depressive episodes. But the difference is how you overcome out from it. Just speak out what you feel and things will become more brighter than before and days will become better.

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” ~ Christopher Reeve

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