India does hope that the incoming Biden administration will stand by its commitments on China, South China Sea, Taiwan or Indo-Pacific at large but New Delhi is not dependent on the US for handling the PLA on land frontiers

With Indian Army and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) frozen in their positions in East Ladakh sector’s polar winter.

National security planners expect China to ramp up military activity.

At the friction points when the snows melt in late March.

There has been no withdrawal of any PLA troops from the contested points and China has used the stand-off to build advanced landing grounds across the Daulet Beg Oldi sector in Tianwendian.

Humongous shelters to house personnel and a shorter link from Hotan airbase to Karakoram pass. “There could be military pressure north of Depsang bulge,” said a senior commander.

According to people familiar with the matter, the dates of the ninth round of military talks are expected.

To decided soon to top the good progress made by both sides in disengagement and de-escalation plan.

This view is in sharp contrast to the view within a section of the government, who believe that the PLA is in no mood to move out of the contested points.

At least till paramount leader Xi Jinping delivers his address.

To the celebrations to mark 100 years of Chinese Communist Party’s rule.

“This the unfortunate record,” said a senior official.

While the Indian Army is prepared to sit out in East Ladakh for as long as it takes.

Chinese moves may also be influenced by the tone and tenor of the incoming Joe Biden administration towards Beijing.

Although many believe that the incoming US administration could strike a balance by its de facto recognition.

Of China as the other superpower, this new G-2 factor will hurt former superpowers like Russia.

With PLA ramping up border infrastructure all along the 3,488 kilometre Line of Actual Control (LAC), India is alive to the.

Distinct possibility that China could open up fronts in Arunachal Pradesh and around the Sikkim-Bhutan-India tri-junction area.

However, after the Galwan flare-up on June 15 and significant casualties on the PLA side, China will engage.

India with stand-off weapons and not repeat the mistake of engaging Indian Army in hand-to-hand combat in a worst-case scenario.