Black Narcissus: The first hour of the nun series; portrayed a group of ill-prepared British nuns attempt to establish a convent on the cursed palace at the top of a mountain in the Himalayas in the 1930s.

The show was broadcasted on, a limited series edition from Amanda Coe.

Based on author Rumer Godden’s novel, the camera opens to a stately home in Mopu, Himalaya in 1914. The scene pictures people moving here and there enjoying themselves, except for a young baby who is screeching in a bedroom and a young woman. An older woman attempts to pamper the baby but leaves the room and runs for her life towards the staircase. She is been running towards the bell; the highest point when the scenes fade away speculating suicide.

Twenty years later, Sister Clodgah is the youngest nun of the group. But the superior most in the order of St.Faith.

During Father Robert’s illness, Clodgah determines to send a team of a nun to Darjeeling to set up a nursery and school in the palace that was donated by a general to the nuns. The delegation sent included Sister Bionu, Phillipa, Blanche and Ruth.

The entire plot of Black Narcissus is basically based on the book. After the strenuous journey, the women reach Mopu. Like all historical structures, the doors and windows of the palace swing back and forth with the wind. Sister Ruth claims she has heard someone around the corners.

Clodgah and dean do not have good terms in between both ; she still has taken his help in case of work from the locals.

Sister Ruth suffers headache due to high altitude. She has a negative opinion about the environment of the palace.

Sister Ruth steals the glance of Princess Srimati’s face when she sees in the mirror, at the same time a local man helping in the garden suffers an injury to his belly.

The dean reveals the occurrence of such incidents with the German monks the year before. The series is in for some mystical plot.

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