Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is finally going to release in May 2021 on Netflix. Over the last decade, Snyder has been one of Hollywood’s biggest and most polarizing directors. Snyder brought his next concept to Netflix once he quit Justice League. And the DC Extended Universe partly because of battling studio executives over his vision. Army of the Dead is a heist movie set in a zombie apocalypse. And it will be the most Zack Snyder film yet, Snyder has teased.

The movie boasts a strong cast led by Dave Bautista. In recent weeks, promotional materials have finally begun to be published. But, the question many fans were still wondering was when they could actually see the movie. The upcoming release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max in March 2021 has largely overshadowed this. Much of their concentration is on the four-hour cut of his DC team-up for Snyder’s loyal fan base. Army of the Dead, however, is quickly approaching and has a release date now.

On social media today, Zack Snyder shared some new Army of the Dead stuff. Including the film’s official May release on Netflix. The director revealed a release date for the movie on May 21, 2021. While also sharing a teaser poster and announcing the launch of a teaser trailer in a couple of days.

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Now that Army of the Dead is set on Netflix for a May release. It confirms previous rumblings about when it could be seen by fans. Earlier, a newspaper report profiling cast member Huma S. Qureshi said the film would be released in May. At first, this was just a rumor, but now it has proven to be true. With a more precise release date given by Snyder. After waiting many years to see another development of his, the May release of Army of the Dead would give Snyder fans two high profile films from the director in a short time frame.

Although fans of Snyder are already excited to see his action-packed zombie heist movie, the upcoming Army of the Dead trailer will help create broader interest. Just a few photos and seconds of footage have been released up to this point. The teaser trailer will reveal to the public what the Army of the Dead really has to offer. There’s no reason to think the Army of the Dead’s trailer won’t deliver. Considering the very great track record of trailers for Snyder’s movies. If the video generates a lot of suspense, the good news is that the film is just a few months away.

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