As India is a place where we worship every god and Ayodhya the place of Lord Ram , now has won case of Ram Mandir which was running i  the court from many years.

And with these now every Indian is donating some amount in building Ram Mandir.

And by this now Akshay Kumar has also come with a video where he is pleasing to everyone to contribute towards the Ram Mandir made in Ayodhya.

Akshay Kumar took to his Socia Media account recently and shared a video where he narrates a story from Ramayana.

In this story, he shares an anecdote that how a squirrel had helped Lord Ram. The squirrel had helped in making the Ram Setu bridge and similarly, the actor wants us to help in whatever way possible as every help is counted and make this temple.

Akshay Kumar took to Twitter and shared  a video , writing that he has donated his share for the construction.

“ It’s a matter of great pleasure that the construction of our grand temple of Shri Ram has begun in Ayodhya…. Now it’s is our turn to contribute . I have started , hope you will join too . Jai Siyaram” , the actor wrote.

In this video 53-year old actor said people should contribute what they feel comfortable with and take part in building the “ historic , grand temple.” ”I have started , now I am sure you will join me too. So that the coming generations keep getting inspired to follow the life , path and message of Lord Ram , “he added.