Abnormality is nothing but somthing which is not normal. Psychology is one of field which has answers for all our questions as it’s one of the fast growing field in the 21st century. This field has let us know that what is common and uncommon. One of the part of this is Abnormality. If a person needs to win then all depends upon the behavior of a person.

But it is said that 70% of the problems in our life is due to our behavior also 70% of the solutions in our life is due to our behavior. So it plays an important role of ours that how we react to a problem. Or the behavior of ourself towards the problem. So it’s important that to know that what is a normal and what is abnormal. So let us know that reasons for these kind of behavior.

Reasons for Abnormality:

  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Over confidence
  • Peer pressure
  • Imbalance of chemicals in the body
  • Drug consumption
  • Mental Shock
  • Problems related to brain
  • Hypertension
  • Fear

When a person undergoes a mental shock or any sort of problem. He/she struggles to come out of the problem. Moreover when he remembers that incident again and again he undergoes depression which may led to abnormality. If he/she fails to go under medication then it will widen it’s affect. Some may get healed with time but some end their life through suicide.


  • Acting Different which is not normal
  • Seeking for attention again and again
  • Unusual laughs
  • Speaks lies
  • Looking everyone in a doubtful manner
  • Teasing or bullying others
  • Behaving he/she is the superior

What if he/she doesn’t undergoes treatment?

  • Making unusual fights and quarrel in the public
  • Attempts to Rape
  • Attempts to Suicide
  • May kill someone who doesn’t agree him/her
  • Illegal activities like drug peddling and terrorism
  • Drinking Alcohol and consuming drugs


Once you find someone who is not acting normal just start speaking to them. Don’t neglect them instead help them to come out of this. After undergoing counselling then they will be led for some further treatment.

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