There are certain Zodiac Signs, who have tremendous trust issues in relationships.

With stories of infidelity flooding the Internet, it’s no surprise that so many of us have serious trust issues in a relationship. To have moments of suspicion is just a part of the human experience. But, at times it can be a real bummer. For some folks, trust issues can be a real struggle while others may not have the same problem.

Since our Zodiac sign dictates our predetermined personalities, it can also sum up our inherent nature when in a relationship. Even though everyone may be a little skeptical or suspicious at the beginning of a relationship, people born under the influence of certain sun signs tend to proceed with a little extra caution in a relationship. Read on to know more about these zodiac signs.

1. Taurus

Taurus, as the depiction of the bull is slow and steady. They take a measured pace before committing to a person. They are way too curious and to quench their thirst for information, they wouldn’t mind going to any lengths without a feeling of remorse for their actions. They’re a fixed sign so it’s hard to budge them into anything quickly, but once the partner wins the trust, they would drop their quest and stand by them no matter what as long as the partner doesn’t turn out to be disloyal.

2. Leo

Leo in love is bold and will leave no stone unturned to express their feelings to their loved one but because of their suspicious nature, their partners will always feel like they’re tiptoeing around Leo. Leo’s don’t realise that when they act suspicious, their partners will be acting shadier in response – the way Leo perceive it.

3. Cancer

Tender-hearted cancer prefers to observe before they leap into a relationship. As a water sign, they are very sensitive and trustworthy and expect the same of their partner. The more they have encountered a break in trust in the past, the harder it gets for them to trust their partner. But just like the crab that symbolizes them, Cancerians have a soft underbelly and a hard outer shell.

4. Capricorn

When in a relationship, people of this sun sign may need extra effort to trust a partner. They have been burned a bit much to naively trust people even if it’s someone they have a strong liking for. The watchful sea-goat likes to observe their partner before they pin their faith and trust. Capricorns don’t take people at their word and are always searching for the hidden context. This, of course, limits their romantic possibilities, but they would rather be lonely than feel betrayed. They secure their loyal spirit in the hearts of those only worthy of their love.

5. Aries

Sherlock Holmes in the house! Aries are curious, observing and make very good detectives. There’s nothing they hate more than a liar and to them, almost everyone is a liar. It is their natural tendency to work in stealth mode even when in a relationship. Aries see trusting people as naive so they are being attentive to every word or breath their partner utters. However, sometimes, their sentiments overrule them and their curiosity can spell doom for their relationship.

6. Scorpio

Scorpios are naturally suspicious. As a water sign, scorpions are intense. Although they will eventually fall deeply in love, they may take time to trust someone. They don’t mind waiting and observing before they pin their trust on their significant other. They may even test their partner without the other person’s knowledge. And each time someone betrays this zodiac sign, they trust the entire world just a little bit less.

7. Sagittarius

Sagittarians have an intuitive and far-sighted nature, all because of their procrastination. They undertake every trick to analyse their lover’s life secretly. They can constantly check messages, stalk their social media profiles, keep a tab on their friends just to make sure of the partner’s loyalty. Also, Sagittarians can be way too impatient and this is one the reasons why they seek timely information from their partners now and then.

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